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    With a professional scientific research team and advanced technology, it has risen rapidly and has now developed into a large modern group company involved in new energy, new materials, building materials, modern logistics, biotechnology, agricultural technology, international trade, high-end glaze and other fields.
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    Adhere to the corporate philosophy of "unity, entrepreneurship" and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of "sincerity, unity, dedication, and struggle".

    Company culture

    Striving for excellence, pursuing perfect quality, continuous improvement, and exceeding customer expectations.
    Based on sincerity, build core competitiveness, strengthen crisis awareness, and realize a hundred years of entrepreneurship.
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    Social responsibility

    Charity and charity are traditional virtues of the Chinese nation; helping the poor and helping the poor is a common responsibility of all sectors of society. In the development of an enterprise, only by consciously assuming social responsibilities can a win-win of economic and social benefits be achieved and a century-old foundation can be achieved.
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    Human Resources

    The country is established by talents, and industry by talents. Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the primary productive force that promotes the enterprise's leap-forward development. Wanshan Group attaches great importance to team building, introducing talents through multiple channels, cultivating talents with high-efficiency mechanisms, and promoting talents on a broad platform to provide a strong guarantee for enterprises to remain invincible in fierce competition.
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    With strong financial strength, high-quality professionals and high-quality and efficient services, Wanshan Group has established a good corporate image in the society, and has been widely trusted and praised by customers and all sectors of society!
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  • Wanshan Primary School of Zhuliu Street held the fifth

    Wanshan Primary School of Zhuliu Street held the fifth "Wenxian scholarship" award ceremony

    On the morning of November 11, the fifth Wenxian scholarship award ceremony was held in the lecture hall of Zhu
  • Wanshan Group: Industry-university-research puts a new

    Wanshan Group: Industry-university-research puts a new "engine" for "innovation-driven"

    On the afternoon of October 16, the technical cooperation exchange symposium between Wanshan Group and Qilu
  • Welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrating the National Day—Wanshan Group wishes you a happy festival!

    Welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrating the National Day—Wanshan Group wishes you a happy festival!

    The people of Guotai Minan are reunited,Double festivals celebrate the prosperity together On this occasion of the
  • Group Industry

    Attach great importance to product quality, expand market with quality, establish brand with quality